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Texas Sporting Clays Association (TSCA) Annual Meeting
June 2, 2017

Consistent with existing practice; as communicated to the TSCA Membership via Newsletter, the TSCA Annual Meeting was held during the Hall of Fame Banquet.

The 2017 Annual Meeting was called to order by Randy Stewart, President.

There was one Agenda Item requiring attention - updated TSCA By Laws.

The update codified TSCA Board approved practices and procedures which had evolved over several years with the growth of the sport. Further, the National Sporting Clays Association had provided updated model By Laws.

For approximately nine (9) months, the Standards Committee (Jim Schaefer, Chairman) reviewed the existing By Laws, updated as appropriate, commissioned a review by legal counsel, incorporated counsel’s direction, and then submitted the revised By Laws to the Board for comment.

Upon incorporation of the Board’s comments, the amended Bylaws were distributed to the Membership. Several comments were received, including some after the close of the comment period. All comments were considered. The final updated Bylaws were distributed to the Membership; and, posted on txclays.com

The vote would be “up or down” on the document taken as a whole. A call for discussion was made. No concerns were raised. A motion was made and seconded to call for a vote. A vote was taken. The Bylaws were approved as presented, by unanimous vote of the Membership.

A motion was made and seconded to close the Annual Meeting. The motion passed and the Meeting was closed.

Randy Stewart TSCA President June 2, 2017

Minutes Approved by vote of the Membership - June 1, 2018