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Range Owners / Managers


The 2017 Texas Range(s) Registered Shoot Pick/Draft Day conference call set for:


> 6pm


> AUGUST 30  2016

> Conference Call #           712 775 7300

> Pin #                                   340802#


The 2016 Pick/Draft Day conference call was highly efficient.  All business concluded in less than 3 hours – most clubs were off the call in less than 1 and half hours. Lets achieve the same or better this year!


Why did this happen?  - - Answer: Ranges/Clubs arrived on-time; did their  their homework; knew the 100mile Matrix; and, were fully prepared with their 1st , 2nd , 3rd date choice(s) selections, had the their shoot names done.  They stuck to the sole purpose of the meeting, and followed the procedures outlined below.


While these procedures are ‘old hat’ to most, this will be the first Pick/Draft call for several clubs who begin throwing registered targets in 2016 and/or plan to thrown registered targets in 2017, so they are worth repeating.


FYI – There are 8 (eight) new Ranges as comparted to YE 2015 joining Pick Day(s) – includes both West and East meetings.  Thirty-nine (39), total Ranges are know to be planning registered shoots 2017.  Thank you!


The process will be same followed in prior years as follows:


1)    Each Range will called in order of the number of registered targets thrown last year beginning with the Range having thrown the most registered target in the prior year (see Attachment for Ranges in Order of Registered Targets Thrown)


2)    Each Range’s first selection can be, but does not have to be, a two-day shoot.  If more than one, two-day shoots is desired, each date of the two-day shoot has to be selected one day at a time (e.g. one day per Pick in rotation order) (no guarantees this will work)


3)    See Attachment for 2016 Calendar for you to use as a worksheet to track Range date selections as they are made.


4)    Four major tournaments dates are “grandfathered” for 2016 - e.g. Ables (4th of July Blast, Browning Briley, Diamond Classic and State Championship).  Each of these tournaments will count as the host Ranges 1st pick, and 1st two day pick in the rotation.


> Background: 

 Any club which held a (one registration number) registered tournament in the preceding calendar year with 200 or more participants may request one date be allotted (e.g. sometimes referred to as “grandfathering”) to them for the same or similar tournament in the next year.  Any date in the calendar not currently allotted (grandfathered) can be selected.  Two contiguous days maybe requested.  Such request counts as the club’s first pick; and, as its one allowed two-day pick. Only one request may be made each year.  Annual re-qualification is required.  The request must be made at timely as possible, prior to the annual Pick Day.


5)    The 2016 TSCA State Tournament is calendared.  It does not count as one of the host Range’s Picks.


6)    The 100mile rule applies (see Attachment for Ranges within the 100mile Rule Matrix).  


7)    Each Range is expected to KNOW all clubs within the 100mile Rule; and, apply the Rule in advancing their date selection with due regard to prior date selections by other clubs.  The conference call is not the time or place to seek to determine/discuss who is within 100miles of your club and whether or not they previously selected a shoot date.  Use the 2016 Calendar and take notes


8)    Any Range not present on the call when called will be skipped in order of rotation.  The meeting, conference call starts promptly at 6pm.  The call line is open early, do not be late.


9)    Historically, West Texas Ranges have held a separate Pick Day selection meeting to avoid 100mile conflicts.  Ben McAnally coordinates that meeting – call him if you have questions.  Their results are submitted to the TSCA Secretary – (Rudy Bazan).  


10)TSCA Secretary - Rudy Bazan, is your go-to for this process, submission of all date requests, providing shoot names.  Once the calendar is formalized it will be submitted as TSCA ‘approved’ to NSCA.  TSCA will attempt to post these shoots on its website -  www.txclays.com 


11)NSCA approval is part of National process that generally takes place in December to early January. Historically, all TSCA approved shoots have been accepted by NSCA, save where the club is NOT in good standing with all NSCA Range dues paid, up to date.


12)Once this process is done, any changes, requests after January 1st MUST be sent directly to Greg Espenhover TSCA Director to action and approve on behalf of TSCA.  He will forward copies actions taken directly to NSCA.




A)   All TSCA approved Range date selections are subject to that Range being in good standing with the NSCA, with all 2016 Range membership dues paid in full prior to December 31 2015.   In early January 2016, any previously approved shoot date selections will be cancelled for any Range not in good standing and/or having paid in full NSCA Range dues by December 31th.   


Please advise any errors or omissions in any attachments.  Updated versions will be sent based on your input.  


Many thanks for your support of this process,

Rudy Bazan


210 286 9680