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The Texas Sub Gauge Challenge is designed to include all geographic areas of Texas and encouraging travel to other clubs. This is achieved by splitting Texas into 3 geographic divisions. The divisions are West Texas, North Texas and South Texas. 

3 shoots will be held in each division for a total of 9 shoots and Texas State to determine State Challenge winners for a total of 10 shoots.

Participant scores will be counted for their three division shoots plus their highest scores on two shoots outside their division to determine the division winners. They must shoot all three division shoots to be eligible to win their division plus two shoots outside their division.

All nine shoots may be shot but scores will only include 3 Division scores plus two top scores from outside their division for division champion. 

To win State you must shoot at least 2 shoots in your division and 3 outside your division plus state or all three of your division shoots plus two shoots outside your division plus state.  

Division that participant competes in will be determined by their NSCA address on file at the start of their series’ first shoot using the county map supplied with division boundaries.

Class will be determined by shooters class on date of their first shoot in series.  The shooter will be scored in that class for winner determination throughout series even if they punched up. 

Each shoot will consist of 100 bird shoots for 20 ga, 28 ga and 410 bore. Minimum of 10 stations.  Overlays are acceptable but must have at least 10’ of separation between each gauge station. Must be NSCA registered shoot.  Normal NSCA and TSCA fees apply.    

Scoring results will be kept on iClays.com. Clubs may use any scoring program used to report to NSCA since results are taken from NSCA download.  Scoring will be updated as NSCA updates their shoot reports when clubs submit results.

Briley has donated one $150.00 Gift Certificates for each of the 9 division shoots.

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