June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017
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  • The 2017/19 Election Ballot will be emailed next week to all TSCA members.  Please review and vote! Your vote is critical to the success of your Association.
  • 141 (not a typo) voted in the last election out of approximately 5000 members. This is somewhere short of 'representative' (LOL).  Let's strive to do better, a lot better, this election!
  • Every vote counts significantly - you have influence!  Use it!
  • A special thanks to Westside Sporting Grounds, Adam Blair, Lori and Dan Daniel for their hospitality.  Hosting the TSCA Texas State Championship is never easy.  The entire Westside team made it seem seamless even when ominous clouds approached.  674 attended, the second highest attendance in the history of the Championship.
  • We hope you enjoyed the free breakfast served each morning during the Championship - sponsored by TSCA/Westside.
  • Congratulations to Hall of Fame inductees - Craig Hill, Nadim Nasir, and Jason Menke!  The Banquet sold out - a first! Thank you David Neiderer.
  • Congratulations to David Bartholomew, Copperhead Creek Shooting Club on taking the ZoliGun / RioAmmo Hall of Fame Raffle prize home. 
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    2. Board, for Annual Meeting Minutes
    3. Documents, for the membership approved By Laws
  • Many thanks to the Standards Committee - Jim Schaefer, Ben McAnally, and Danny Vines for their tireless efforts in updating the By Laws.  Its truly a thankless task but one highly critical for proper Association management.
  • Congratulations to Beth and Justin Bounds, Caney Creek Lodge, TSCA's 2016 Club of the Year.  Justin, how many Club of the Year Awards in total, have you and Beth won?  Odds on, you need to find a bigger wall to hang them.
  • Congratulations to Rick Fuller, National High Volume Shooter - this is the 3rd year in a row that this honor goes to a TSCA member!
  • For 2017 TSCA Texas State Challenge in real time, go to www.txclays.com, Shoots, Sub-Gauge Challenge Results. This page within your website was recently upgraded.  If you do not see your event results, the reporting and processing of scores to and through NSCA remains a work in progress. Congrats to Dwight Lumpkins, Director for oversight. 
  • Mark your calendar for next May 30th - June 3rd San Angelo Claybird Association is the 2018 TSCA Texas State Championship host club.  Worried about heat, don't be.  Arrangements already made with the local Chamber of Commerce to provide a number of additional tents throughout the grounds.  More details will follow as the Club and the City are committed to ensuring the Championship's return to San Angelo will be fun, exciting, and challenging for all.
  • We hope you are enjoying www.txclays.com.  Certain pages are viewable primarily from a desktop PC, not from mobile devices such as smart phones. It is not always possible to achieve the same functionality found on power user serviced "commercial" websites with "deep pocket" owners. An expenditure to achieve that level of functionality is not affordable at the present time.   Have power user skills, put them to use as a TSCA Director - Webmaster; or willing to fund the effort, financial support is always welcome.
  • Have an idea to further the sport? Need to voice a concern?Don't hold it in - email or call a Director or TSCA.  
Have a wonderful 4th of July Holiday, shoot well!
   Randy Stewart
   President, TSCA
**"To reach a port we must set sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must not drift or lie at anchor."  -- Oliver Wendell Holmes - Quote provided by ben McAnally, TSCA Director