February 2018 NewsLetter

February 2018
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A)  TSCA 2018 Elections - Director Nominations sought. Go to TexasSportingClays/Board/CandidateApplicationForms. Send completed Form to Sara Culbreath ss_culbreth@yahoo.com, no later than March 9th. 
B)  Hall of Fame Nominations sought. Go to TSCA Champions/HoF/Selection Process for details. Submit Nominations to David Niederer, TSCA VP david@fossilpointe.netno later than April 6th
C)  HoF Banquet has become a "can't miss" event at State. It will be held Friday night, June 1st, details in your shooter packet - there IS limited seating - haven't registered, you definitely have FOMO
D)  Suffering from FOMO get the cure now, register for the TX State Championship, May 30th - June 3rd, HoF Banquet at - SanAngeloClays.comor Winscoreonline.com , over $90,000 in trophies, prizes, cash
E)  Trophies - provided by TSCA for Main, 5Stand, Prelim, FITASC. Host Range provides additional trophies, awards, cash. Always seeking to innovate. Lessons learned in 2017 will be applied to 2018.
F)   Ladies Concurrent - Nothing but Red & Silver for each Ladies' Concurrent Class winner. Custom designed, sterling silver + ruby pendant with sterling chain. Traditional awards for other Ladies Concurrent places.
G)  TopGun 100 Invitational - notices will soon reach email inboxes. Over $5700 in prized - 5 down - for winners. Go to TXClays/LatestNewsJLBarRanch/More for details
H)  Breakfast yes, SACA and TSCA are bringing you early birds a free breakfast each day of the State Championship, follow the sign
I)    San Angelo Clays Association Hosts five star State Championship dinner at downtown location Saturday, nothing but class - details will be in your shooter packet
J)  Bitcoin cannot be accepted as registration payment, sorry.
K)  2017 Sub Gauge Challenge - winners will be recognized at the SACA Saturday Dinner, Dwight Lumpkins will be contacting you.
L)  Vendors - SACA has several more vendor locations (no power).  Call Battle Harris, SACA directly to arrange.  SACA expanded electric power locations.  All taken immediately.  Significant vendor turnout experienced.
M)  Zoil Gun/Rio Raffle - tickets Flyer will soon be released.  Prize list expanded in 2017; and, AGAIN in 2018.  Watch for it!!!!
N)  Did you know 674 attended May 31, 2017 Texas State Championship.  Second highest attendance on record.  Let's top that!
O)  My Buddy Says - he/she never receives emails, flyers, birthday cards from TSCA. He/she needs to contact NSCA directly, update their contact information. And/or ensure TSCA is a "permitted" or "authorized" sender to that email address. Email is the only feasible way TSCA can contact over 8,000 listings. We have no practical means of researching refused, declined, restricted mail addresses.
P)  Closing Thought - "I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all. - Solomon, Ecclesiastes 9:11"
All the Best
Randy Stewart
TSCA President