Sub-Gauge Challenge UPDATE

! !   ALERT  ! !

- - NOW SEPT 16th - -
This weekend's (8/25) Texas Premier Sporting Arms Ray Tipton Memorial / TSCA Sub Gauge Challenge has been moved to September 16th - September 16th - September 16th.

Shooter input and post-Hurricane Harvey (possible) issues warrants Sept 16th, a date later than previously communicated.

Texas Premier Sporting Arms in Sealy, TX remains the host club.
Tropical Storm Harvey may reach Hurricane strength.  Landfall is expected this Friday evening.  All of the Texas Gulf Coast is in the projected path.  Projected rainfall is enormous, across the region.
We are concerned about participants and club staff safety during the shoot.  And, we want to make sure that all participants / staff can safely travel to and from the shoot (even if the storm were to arrive later than expected).  Thus, the best course of action is to move the shoot date.
Texas Premier and TSCA want this to be a quality shoot.  We look forward to seeing you on September 9th.
Rebecca Morone - Texas Premier Sporting Arms
Dwight Lumpkins - TSCA Director, TSCA Texas Sub Gauge Challenge