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Long Bird/Short Bird & Sub-Gauge Challenge


Join us this weekend for our next NSCA Tournament!

Ranch Course will have a special Long Bird / Short Bird Challenge
Ranch Course will have a special Long Bird / Short Bird Challenge
1 bird outside of 35 yards and 1 bird inside of 20 yards on each station

300 Sub Gauge Targets available for the TSCA Sub Gauge Challenge!

EIGHT Total Events:
• 100 Target Ranch Course ($75.00) **Long Bird/Short Bird Challenge** 
• 100 Target 20 Gauge Cowtown Course ($75.00) 
• 100 Target 28 Gauge New Course ($75.00)
• 100 target .410 New Course ($75.00)
• 50 Target Super Sporting on Lone Star Course ($45.00)
• 50 Target 12 ga True Pair Course on Lone Star Course ($45.00)
• 50 Target Pump Gun on 1-6 Cowtown Course ($45.00)
• 50 Target Side by Side on 7-12 Cowtown Course ($45.50)

• 600 available registered targets
• New 12 station Course in new area!
• TSCA Texas Sub Gauge Challenge – 20, 28 and .410 on 100 target courses
• 2 days to shoot it ALL.  8:30 to 5:00 Saturday and Sunday June 5/6th, 2022
• Perfect warmup for the US Open!
• Lunch included with Main Event Registration
• Options Available
• All targets will be set by Travis Mears and Gary Madigan
• Money Back to Class in each event. 

• Registration begins at 8:30, Last cards in at 5:00 PM
• Please Pre-Register through

Texas Sub-Gauge Challenge

All New Format


The Rules

Competition: The Texas Sub-Gauge Challenge will run the Calendar year 2019.  There will be 3 divisions with Three (3) shoots held in each division and the Texas State Championship for a Total of Ten (10) shoots. You will now have Three (3) opportunities to win your division, one for each gauge. You will also have 3 opportunities to win your class State Championship, one (1) for each gauge. For participants that qualify shooting all three gauges, we will Crown a State HOA and RU from all participants.

Structure: Each event will be a NSCA event

Each Division Class Champion in 20 ga or 28 ga or 410 bore. 3 Separate events

State Champion in 20 ga or 28 ga or 410 bore.

State Champion Overall HOA and RU for all gauges combined from all participants.

All awards will not be distributed until the 2020 Texas State Championship so we can recognize the winners at the Hall of Fame Banquet.

You can pick and choose what gauges you want to compete in. one (1) or all.

To win Division: The two (2) highest scores for each participant will be tabulated for each gauge they compete in.

Each participant may shoot all three (3) tournaments within their division but only the two highest scores will be used to determine division score. Shooting tournaments outside division will not be used to replace a in-division score.

The format allows a shooter to miss one (1) division tournament and not be eliminated.

To win Texas State Sub-Gauge Challenge Championship: You must Shoot at least two (2) TSCA Sub-Gauge Challenge in division shoots and two (2) TSCA Sub-Gauge Challenge out of division shoots plus the 2019 Texas State Championship to qualify.  You may shoot all nine (9) shoots but only your top two division scores and your top two out of division scores plus state scores count.

To Win HOA or RU all Gauges Combined: You must shoot all three gauges in the required 5 events as shown above.  Two winners will be crowned out of the group of all participants.


Awards: Division winners will receive a Trophy.  State Winners will receive a Belt Buckle.

Determining Division and Class you compete in: Division will be determined by the county map attached and your address on file with NSCA at the start of the series. Note: Division lines have changed from previous years so confirm yours.  

Class will be determined by NSCA class at the date of their first shoot in series and you will remain competing in that class regardless of moving up in class.

Club Layout: Each shoot will consist of 100 birds for each 20 gauge, 28 gauge and 410 bore.  Overlays of courses are acceptable but must have a minimum of Ten ft (10) of spacing between each gauge station.  Must be NSCA registered event.

Score totals: Each club will use their normal scoring program.  When those scores are submitted with the club shoot results to NSCA they release a score file that will be gathered and tabulated by iclays to have the running totals.  Scores will be carried on the front page of iclays under header area.

TSCA Sub Gauge Division lines 2019 001.j