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The nomination of candidates for the Texas Sporting Clays Association (TSCA) Hall of Fame will be brought forth to the Board by a Committee chaired by the Vice President and comprised of two (2) additional Board of Directors appointed by the President and four (4) members-at-large of TSCA.  These four (4) members will be appointed by the President from the general membership at-large and shall be recognized at members who have an impeccable reputation in the sporting clays arena.
Candidates to be considered for induction in the TSCA Hall of Fame will be selected and presented for approval to the full Board by the Committee from nominations received and ranked following a point system reviewed and approved by the Board.  The nomination form and the point system can be found on the website.  

The nomination form can be viewed by clicking here.  

The point system can be viewed by clicking here.

The Committee shall present to the Board the slate of candidates for consideration as inductees to the Hall of Fame no later than thirty (30) days prior to the annual state championship.  To be inducted to the Hall of Fame, a candidate must carry at least a 75% vote by the Board, with no member of the Board abstaining from the vote.  The Board will determine the number of persons to be inducted to the Hall of Fame on an annual basis and will be driven by the number of qualifying candidates nominated.  It is possible that no candidates are determined to meet the qualifications, thus no induction, likewise, there could be more one.
Hall of Fame candidates may be selected from two (2) categories: the Brister (Shooter) Award and a Service Award.  The shooter award is reserved for participants who have made impressive accomplishments in sanctioned shooting competitions, whether in a open or concurrent class.  The Service Award is reserved for persons whose efforts have made significant contributions to the betterment of sporting clays in Texas.  In all cases, a candidate must have been a member of the National Sporting Clays Association and the Texas Sporting Clays Association for a minimum of ten (10) years; and good sportsmanship by each category will be a major consideration for induction into the TSCA Hall of Fame.


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