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Texas Sporting Clays Association
TX State Championship Tour Stop Minimum Standards

1. Club Selection
For medium-to-small size Texas Clubs with the ability to host a one-day NSCA registered shoot.

2. Number of Tour Stops
There will be five (5) tour stops across the State; generally, the North, South, East, West and Central areas of the State.


3. Program
No specific date is required; however, the Texas State Sporting Clays Championship shoot must be one of the five stops.
The tour stops will be granted on a rotational basis depending on the continued   popularity and attendance of the shoots.
There will be a total of five (5) stops and participants must shoot in at least four (4) of the stops with participation in the main event of the Texas State Sporting Clays Championship mandatory.
Each Club participating in the program must name and advertise which event (generally the main event) that will be considered in determining a participant’s total score.
For a participant that shoots in all five (5) tour stops, the four (4) highest scores will be considered in calculating the participant’s total score.
The club must follow NSCA Rules and Regulations for a registered shoot.


4. Sponsorship
Other sponsorship is at the discretion of the Host Club.  TSCA will advertise the program according to any agreement reached. 


5. TSCA Support
TSCA will support the program with either dollars and/or in-kind goods/services.  Historically, the amount of TSCA support has been additional payout for HOA, 1st Runner-up and 1st place in AA through E Class, totaling an amount not to exceed $1800.  Annual funding is subject to Board approval.


6.  Submit Interest to

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