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Texas Sporting Clays Association
Texas State Super Sporting Championship (TSSSC)

1. Club Selection
An event open to Texas Clubs with the ability to host a minimum two-day event. It is at the discretion of the host club to add additional days based on the size and scope of the proposal. 
Clubs currently in the rotation for the Texas State Championship are not recommended for this program. 
2. Number of Shooters
A goal of 250 total participants, ideal for the mid-sized club market.  TSCA understands that numbers in certain events may be capped. 
3. Dates
Late July to early October timeframe preferable.  The proposed date should never encroach on the Texas State Sporting Clays Championship traditionally in April.  
Many considerations for late summer early fall events include corporate shoot schedules, hunting seasons, weather concerns and the NSCA National Championship held every October.   As a result of this we realize some clubs may choose not to participate in the TSSSC.
The shoot will be open for proposals on an annual basis during the annual pick-day process.
Once a club proposal is approved by the board, their proposal will be added on a rotational basis to the previously approved venues.  
4. Request for Proposals by Clubs (must be in writing and include Shoot/Event details)
All applicable Texas clubs will be notified and encouraged to consider being a Host Club for the Shoot during the pick day process.  
Shoot/Event Details
MAIN EVENT - 200 target Super Sport Main (Saturday/Sunday)
Strongly recommended but not limited to: 
100 target Prelim Event
5-Stand Event
Sub-gauge events:  20g/28g/410b 
Additional events and games welcome
MUST Follow all NSCA Rules and Regulations for a registered event.
MUST have scorekeeper/trapper at each station for at least the main event.
MUST have a schedule of proposed Trophies and Payouts 
MUST have adequate food options available onsite.
MUST have adequate water and/or hospitality available on the course(s)
MUST have a plan for adequate support facilities available onsite or nearby.
Ex. Restroom and Sanitation, RV, Hotels, Hospitality, Dining, etc. 
5. TSCA Support
In a year where the TSCA has a standing annual sponsorship agreement TSCA will support the shoot with either dollars and/or in-kind goods/services to be determined by the board of directors.  
In a year where the TSCA does not have a standing sponsorship agreement, the TSCA agrees to the be Main Event sponsor at the level of $5000.
The amount of additional TSCA support is subject to Board of Directors approval and the proposal review/award process.
6. Sponsorship
The Host Club is encouraged to seek outside sponsorship to enhance their event and should include in their event proposal what level of support they are seeking.
TSCA will advertise the event, the host club and host club sponsors according to the agreement(s) reached by all parties. 
7.  Please Submit Event Proposals to

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