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Selection Criteria & Registration



Selection criteria for the 2017 TSCA Texas State Championship, TopGun 100 Invitational Rotation is as follows:

  • Available solely to Texas TSCA members (as of December 31, 2017)


  • NSCA records will be used


  • Invitations will be based on highest to lowest AVERAGE 12ga REGISTERED Events score for 2017, as reported to the NSCA through December 31, 2017


  • Qualifying TSCA members must have shot 1500 Registered 12ga targets in 2017.  Given rotation management requirements, the fact that many qualifiers do not attend State; and the preference of some to shoot alternative schedules, Invitations will be limited to the highest 300 average scores   


  • Email invitations will be sent NSCA “member” records.  A valid email address must be on file with the NSCA to receive an invitation.


Registration, Squadding, Other

  • TopGun 100 Invitational Rotation is 2pm Saturday, 8am Sunday (these times may be updated, give or take 30min – if a change occurs, ALL participants will be notified in a timely manner.  Any future updates will be sent to all participating invitees


  • Invitees have reserved positions but MUST complete their registration online ( or via email or call or text Lois Neely ( 307-248-0002 )


  • If you have already registered and wish to participate contact Lois Neely (307 248 0002)


  • EARLY registration is requested; San Angelo Clays Association / TSCA forecasts very high attendance


  • RSVP to Lois Neely is strongly advised if you do not wish or plan to participate


  • Invitees will be randomly squaded (except in unusual, special need circumstances )


  • $5750 in total Awards.  Awards list is published separately and will be 5 down beginning with HOA


  • TopGun 100 participation is not a qualification to win Tx State Championship - HOA


REV 7 MARCH 2018; changes in green

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