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TSCA Texas State Tournament

 Contingency Plan

If shooting of any Main Event Course or Courses, at the TX State are cancelled by shoot management, due to the occurrence of dangerous weather conditions, natural disaster, act of God, or events beyond the direct, immediate control of the club or Shoot management of the TX State, the following procedure will be used to establish all awards including the TX State Champion and all Class and Concurrent Awards.

In the event of any cancellation for any event by shoot management, a refund will be given to anyone affected by the cancellation. In the event that anyone has made the decision to drop out from any event on their own accord without shoot management cancelling the event or rotation they will not be given a refund.  

In the event of course cancellation on any rotation that cannot be made-up, all competitors will receive on all rotations the corresponding total of targets (i.e. 66, or 68) depending on which course they were not able to complete. If any competitor is not capable to complete at two courses there will not be TX State Champion Crowned.

If there is any cancellation due to conditions deemed appropriate by shoot management, then all misses will be counted based on the targets attempted. The total number of misses will determine the number of competitors in the shoot offs to determine all Class and Concurrent champions including HOA, Runner-up, and Third.

In the Main Event 10 competitors in each class will be taken to shootoffs as well as 5 in each concurrent determined by the total number of misses. These shootoffs will consist of an initial 10 targets in the shootoff location followed by a miss and out format to determine the class and concurrent champions.

HOA, RU, and 3rd will be determined by taking the top 10 competitors based on total misses for the completed courses. They will compete in a 25 target super final which will be followed by another 25 bird super final until the HOA RU and 3rd positions are determined.

All shoot off targets will be added to the total accumulative score from the main event rotations that were completed.

Certainly no contingency plan for an uncontrollable event or series of events can cover every possibility; or, incorporate the multitude of alternative approaches each shooter might prefer.  To be workable, the plan must straight forward, simple as possible, and executable.  The above plan most closely fulfills these objectives.


We are glad you are here on this momentous occasion to enjoy the festivities.


TSCA BOARD of Directors

March 2019

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